An Evening of Wine and Friendship

The official date, time, and place has now been set for the launch party for High Maga:Saturday April 12th at theWhitfield CenterAvila University Campus11901 Wornall RoadKansas City, MO 64145 The event will start at 5pm and end at 7pm, or when we run out of cake, whichever comes first.  (After the cake runs out, we are... Continue Reading →

Sisters in Magic

I found this 19th century work by John Everett Mallais a while back, and it kind of spooked me out with the similarities between thesewomen and Eolyn's fledgling coven in Moehn.  From left to right:Tasha, Adiana, Mariel, Renate, Catarina, Ghemena, Eolyn, and Sirena.No one gets by alone in this world, and magas are no exception.  On today's... Continue Reading →

Bad News and Good News

Another break from the regular programming today.I wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know what is happening behind the scenes at Hadley Rille Books.Those of you who are in touch with HRB through other channels have probably heard by now that our editor-in-chief, Eric T. Reynolds, has taken very ill. We're hopeful... Continue Reading →

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