Ghemena Plans Her Escape

We are getting very close – only two more excerpts left before High Maga is released on April 4th!

Today we meet two of the youngest members of Eolyn’s Aekelahr, Ghemena and Tasha. This scene happens shortly after the invasion of Moehn. Eolyn’s coven has been attacked, and Ghemena and Tasha taken prisoner. But little Ghemena is not one to remain bound and imprisoned. Already, she is planning her escape…


High Maga

Chapter 13 (excerpt)

Sitting up, Ghemena looked around the bare tent, illuminated by a thin shaft of light streaming through a break in the canvas. Catarina and Tasha slept, bodies curled side by side on the hard dirt floor, faces swollen from the many tears they had shed. With growing dread, Ghemena realized Mistress Adiana was not with them. 
Tasha whimpered and stirred. She lifted her head, tangled dark tresses hanging in her rounded face, and stared with bleary eyes at their grim surroundings before focusing on Ghemena.
“Where’s Mistress Adiana?” she asked.
A painful lump in Ghemena’s throat would not let her speak. She bit her lip, working her arms and wrists against each other, trying to get the blood to return to her fingers.
Tasha moaned and hid her face against Catarina’s shoulder. “This was supposed to be a dream. I was going to wake up, and have it all be a very bad dream.”
“We’ve no time to cry,” Ghemena replied sharply. “We have to get out of here as fast as we can.”
Tasha dragged herself away from Catarina’s sleeping figure and sat up. She pointed to her bound arms with her chin. “How are we supposed to escape tied up like this? And where would we go if we did? You saw the town last night. Nothing’s left of it, and those horrible men are everywhere.”
“I have a way to find Maga Eolyn, but I have to free my hands first.” A burning sensation moved through her palms, followed by the prick of a thousand pins on her fingers. Ghemena knew this was a good sign.
“What way?” asked Tasha.
“A magic way. Maga Eolyn showed me how before she left. I’m going find her and tell her what’s happened, and then she’ll come to rescue you.”
“You mean we can’t go with you?” Tasha’s brow furrowed and she glanced nervously at Catarina. “Don’t leave us alone here. Please.”
Ghemena stopped fidgeting and gave Tasha a worried frown. “I don’t think it’ll work with more than one of us.”
“Why not?”
“Maga Eolyn never said anything about taking more than one person.”
“That doesn’t mean it’s not possible.”
“No,” Ghemena conceded doubtfully. “I guess we can try.”
“Promise me you’ll try, Ghemena.” Tasha’s eyes were wide beneath her dark brows. “Promise me you won’t leave without us.”
Ghemena looked at her friend. Tasha had always been the quiet one, forever trying to make peace between Ghemena and Catarina.
“We’re sisters,” Ghemena said. “We must be loyal to each other, right?”
Tasha grinned and nodded.
“So you see then, I won’t leave you alone, Ghemena assured her. I can’t.”

Next week, everyone’s favorite mage: Corey of East Selen.

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