Spring Fever

The Buffalo River in early spring.

My husband and I had a wonderful stay in the Ozarks last week. My only regret was that we had to return so soon.

We stayed at a lovely cabin near the Buffalo River, slept in during the mornings, went hiking in the afternoons.  Read, listened to music, watched videos, ate and drank as we pleased. We made a bonfire under a starry night, and then we went hiking some more. All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I am already scheming to see when I can go back.

I was also able to write, truly write for the first time in ages. Bringing High Maga to press without Eric T. Reynolds at the helm of Hadley Rille Books had gobbled up all my time for the last several weeks. But I found some breathing space in the peace and beauty of the Ozark Mountains, and that gave me a fresh start on my continuing project with Daughter of Aithne. 

AND – here is the surprise I promised you last week: I’ve been listening to the brand new audio edition of Eolyn!  

Darla Middlebrook is the reader. I am in awe of her work. Listening to the story through her voice has been like discovering Eolyn’s world all over again. Every scene, every moment, every word seems fresh and new; and, if I may say so myself, the story very well written!  😉

A view from our cabin.

The audio edition of Eolyn will be available through audible.com, as soon Hadley Rille editor Terri-Lynne DeFino and I give it a thumbs up. Judging by my listening rate, that will be in about two weeks. My personal goal, actually, is to see if we can have it released in time for Eolyn’s birthday on May 7th.

In other news, historical fiction author Louise Turner has a great post up on Heroines of Fantasy this week about real medieval women. Many of my own characters are based on historical figures, so if you want to learn about the women who inspired the women of Eolyn’s world, have a look at Louise’s post.

Also, my Orangeberry Tour continues this week with author interviews, excerpts, and more. I hope you have a chance to visit some of those posts and say hi!

We’re going into the last stretch for the semester right now, so things may be a little hectic over the next couple of weeks. I will be posting regularly, though, as there is a LOT happening in May, and I want to keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

For now, have a good rest of the week.  Enjoy the magic of spring!

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