The Bridges We Build

La Selva, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa RicaNotebook:Today we sawPeccaries        Bullet antsIguanas            Stingless beesMotmots           Poison dart frogsHowler monkeysStrangler figsCycads and palmsPipers and MelastomesThe Kapok (also called Ceiba) tree with its pale towering trunkInch wormsMillipedes Crazy fruitsRoots that smell like pepperLeaves that climb treesCement paths over nascent swampsFish the... Continue Reading →

Vote for HIGH MAGA in the June Cover Wars

Express your support for Thomas Vandenberg's stunning portrayal of Eolyn facing down a Naether Demon: Vote for the cover of High Maga in the Masquerade Crew's June Cover Wars.The artwork for High Maga was inspired by one of the early scenes in the book, the first struggle in which Eolyn uses the enchanted Galian sword... Continue Reading →

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