Vote for HIGH MAGA in the June Cover Wars

Express your support for Thomas Vandenberg’s stunning portrayal of Eolyn facing down a Naether Demon: Vote for the cover of High Maga in the Masquerade Crew’s June Cover Wars.

The artwork for High Maga was inspired by one of the early scenes in the book, the first struggle in which Eolyn uses the enchanted Galian sword Kel’Barú. 

Eolyn’s journey with the sword is not an easy one. She is averse to weapons of war and the violence they represent. Throughout book one of the series, she avoids learning sword play and relies almost entirely on her magic in open conflicts.

Yet Kel’Barú comes to her as a special gift, and she is the only one among her people who understands its strange metallic song.

In High Maga, Eolyn begins training with Kel’Barú under Akmael’s insistence. Though she is a reluctant student, Eolyn soon discovers this weapon may hold the key to her people’s salvation. It is the only weapon that appears effective against the Naether Demons, monsters released from centuries of darkness by blood sacrifice and sorcery.

Detail of Eolyn from the cover art.

For me, Tom achieved more than just an illustration when he interpreted Eolyn in this scene. He crafted an iconic image of the woman protagonist in fantasy fiction. Tom captures Eolyn’s indomitable strength, her aura of sheer determination against an insatiable enemy. This is no sword-wielding sex kitten, but a true woman of extraordinary power and great beauty.

You can vote for High Maga every day this month.  There are many amazing covers in the competition, and you have up to 10 votes per day, so if you see something else you love, vote for that one too!

Want to know more about the scene that inspired this story? Visit my January 17th post.

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