EOLYN in Audiobook

At last!  The audio edition of Eolyn is now available through Audible and iTunes.

If you’ve already read Eolyn, this is a wonderful way to rediscover the power of the Magas.

If you haven’t yet read Eolyn, now is your chance to join the adventure.

The audio edition of Eolyn is read by the incomparable Darla Middlebrook. Darla’s tag line, bringing out the soul of the book, is realized in every moment of the story.  As I’ve said elsewhere, I couldn’t be more thrilled with her interpretation of the characters and events of Eolyn. And I’m especially thrilled now that I get to share this with all of you!

As today’s special treat, here’s a preview of the audio book: Darla’s reading from Chapter 3, ‘The House of Sweetbread’.  In this scene young Eolyn, starved and exhausted after days of wandering lost in the forest, meets her mentor Ghemena for the first time.

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