Plans and Prospects

Nothing pleases a geek more than
a fresh set of bookshelves!

Classes have started now at Avila, and wow! We have hit the ground running. New offices, new labs, new faculty, new students, new textbooks, new courses, and soon in my house – out of necessity – a new air conditioner.

Sometimes it seems the whole universe has gone into renewal mode. Not surprisingly, I am inspired to follow suit.

Setting up my new office and labs at Avila has been thoroughly exciting. The space is so much more comfortable than what I had before, with a big desk and proper bookshelves, and most important, space to receive and meet with students. The first time I walked into my office, I thought, “I could have a party in here!” In a sense, I will be hosting a party, an academic party focused on supporting students in their journey through the exciting and challenging field of biology.

Maybe I’ll inspire a few of them to write, too.

Having new digs on campus has pricked my skin a little, and now I want new digs on line, too. I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks about new and better forums for engaging with fans of Eolyn and readers of fantasy.

Typically about once a year I remodel my blog, and that will almost certainly happen again between now and December. But I would also like to set up an entirely new ‘virtual’ office. So I am in the process of designing a proper website, a domain that carries my name and that will serve as a central gathering point for readers interested in the kinds of stories I have to offer.

Konza Prairie is the destination for our new interdisciplinary
course, Ecology Through the Writer’s Lens.

There’s no tight deadline on the new web site, but as a loose goal I intend to have something up and running for the World Fantasy Convention at the beginning of November. It may happen before then, depending on time and inspiration.

For those of you who follow this blog, Eolyn Chronicles will continue to be my place for weekly posts. The website will include links to this site as well as to Heroines of Fantasy. 

What do I want from my new web site? I want it to be cosy, exciting, inviting. I hope that, upon arriving at the site, my visitors will feel welcome, and that they will have the sense of standing on the threshold of a great and magical adventure.  To that end, I’m working on banner ideas, text copy, and so forth. As the web site comes together, I will probably make changes here and on my Facebook page to have continuity between the different platforms.

This is the start of the exciting news – there is more to come. This fall I will be welcoming guest authors and hosting giveaways and special offers. We are also looking forward to the release of an audio edition of High Maga before the year is out. And of course, work continues on Daughter of Aithne. 

Those are the updates for the moment. Have something new in your life right now? I’d love to hear about it! Let the fun begin.


4 thoughts on “Plans and Prospects

  1. A new school year for me, too! I love the fresh exciting feeling of a batch of new students. Even though I'm teaching the same grade, the bulletin boards are different each year, giving a fresh feeling to the classroom (kind of like a new office). I've also started writing a new book. A little less fresh there…the first three chapters need reworking…but a new adventure nonetheless. Have a great year, Karin!


  2. That's the great thing about the academic schedule; we get to celebrate the New Year once in January, and again in September! That's so exciting about your new book. Can't wait to see it!


  3. Woohoo! This is exciting and new – blogger bot posted you as you! 🙂 I'm having fun with the web site. I'll most likely follow your example and set it up through WordPress. More news on that to come…


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