Guest Author: Sheryl Tempchin

I am very excited today to be able to welcome author and editor Sheryl Tempchin. Back in 2008, Sheryl purchased my short story 'Turning Point' for the speculative fiction magazine Zahir. This was my first sale ever, an even that gave me the courage to continue as an author. It was a period before blogs and Eolyn and even Hadley Rille... Continue Reading →

My Brush with Greatness

I'm coming off the high of the World Fantasy Conference last weekend in Washington, D.C. Monday I posted on Heroines of Fantasy about the unforgettable experience of hearing Patricia McKillip read from her new novel. Today I'm going to rave just a little more, this time about Guy Gavriel Kay. First, a confession: I had a dismal... Continue Reading →

My World Fantasy Schedule

We had an amazing Build-a-Scary-Story event at Heroines of Fantasy last Friday. A lot of participants, and everyone's contribution was wonderful. Visit the blog to read our collective story. I am SO excited to be heading out to D.C. for the 2014 World Fantasy Convention. Look for my story Creatures of Light in the 40th anniversary WFC anthology. My... Continue Reading →

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