On Connections and Castanets

There are several aspects of flamenco that have bedeviled me since I first started studying the dance form a few years back. One of these is contratiempos. The other is the use of the castanets. Last week, I had the opportunity to tackle both in an intensive workshop with the Escuela de Flamenco Paulina Peralta in Costa Rica. Contratiempos is... Continue Reading →

The Joy of the Critique Circle

I've recently re-discovered The Next Big Writer, an on-line work shop for aspiring and established authors of all genres. I've never been all that fond of the name, but the platform has been very useful for me in terms of polishing and improving my work. Eolyn was workshopped in its entirety on tNBW, and multiple chapters of High Maga also received... Continue Reading →

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