Fright Fest 2015

Fright Fest 2015It’s the season for horror, and once again Heroines of Fantasy is celebrating with a month-long series of horror shorts. Fright Fest kicked off today with a super-creepy Gothic tale from the one-and-only Cybelle Greenlaw. The schedule for the rest of the month is posted below.

On Monday, I’ll have a special sneak preview for you from a new work-in-progress, an urban fantasy and paranormal romance entitled The Hunting Grounds.

Also, be sure to stop by at the end of the month, on October 30, to help us build a creepy story.

Trick or treat!


October 9 ~ Death and Reanimation, Cybelle Greenlaw

October 12 ~ The Hunting Grounds, Karin Rita Gastreich

October 16 ~ Bones and Silence, Harriet Goodchild

October 19 ~ The Candidate, Gustavo Bondoni

October 23 ~ Mark Nelson

October 26 ~ Usher’s Well, Harriet Goodchild

October 28 ~ Louise Turner

October 30 ~ Build-A-Scary-Story! Join us as we write together to build the spookiest All Hallow’s Eve tale ever!

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