Nanowrimo Day 3

12189518_10208020853463679_9071689240996734579_nFor the first time ever, I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for Nanowrimo. I’ve never quite seen Nano as the right match for my writing style, but this year, it just so happens I have a project that might be amenable to the challenge.

I’ve set my personal goal at half the official number. I think 25K would be enough to finish out my current WIP, a paranormal romance called The Hunting Grounds. What’s it about, you ask? Well, here’s the pitch:

Mystery descends on Helen’s world when she loses three days of her life. What should be memories of a forest retreat have been replaced by disturbing hallucinations. As Helen struggles to discern fantasy from reality, a striking man of insatiable passions appears and offers his guidance – in exchange for a price.  

Anxious to make sense of her dreams, Helen follows this stranger down a path of shadows. Her realities weave into one: a world of flesh and blood inextricably intertwined with a realm of dangerous spirits. As sensual dreams merge into waking nightmares, Helen begins to suspect the man who seduces her and the predator that stalks her are one and the same.

Hah! Did that give you chills? I hope so. If not, that means I need to work on it some more.

This has been a really fun story to write, and a very different sort of adventure from Eolyn and her companion novels. It’d be wonderful to be done or nearly done by the end of this month. But even if I make significant progress, I’ll be happy.

Most of all, I’m hoping Nano will give me the opportunity to connect with more writers. There are several write-ins scheduled for the Kansas City area. I’ll attend my first one tomorrow.

Of course, I could be writing right now, but as luck would have it, the year I finally decided to do Nano is also the year the Royals finally won the World Series. So I’m watching the victory parade from the comfort of my living room. It’s so amazing to see downtown Kansas City awash with blue. I’d say I wish I was there, but I’ve never been into big crowds. So I’m fine where I am, seeing Union Station and the World War I Memorial from a bird’s eye view.

These are good days to be in this town. Everyone is in the mood for celebration.

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  1. It DID give me chills!!! I can’t wait to read this. I’d say good luck for Nano, but you need no luck. Your skill, talent and determination will be all you need. I’ll send sparkles instead. Blue ones, for the Royals, even though they were playing against the Mets. 🙂

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