Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter

Traazorite rider
The Keshark is the freeband’s leader, mounted on a Velozar.

I want to give my friends over at DGS Games a shout out for their Traazorite Crusaders kickstarter campaign. DGS Games is a small business that produces high quality miniatures for Freeblades, a fantasy skirmish game set in the vibrant world of Faelon.

In Freeblades, there is no good and evil, there are only the choices you make. Can you successfully kidnap the rich merchant, will you defeat the rampaging beast, can you fight your way through demons to close witchgates before your opponent, or do you simply wish to drive your opponent from the field of battle? These are only a few of the missions you may find yourself engaged in. Freeblades features league style play as well, allowing your freeband to grow as you acquire gold, and its members to gain experience and become more powerful or become injured and even die from their wounds.

My personal favorite, the Sunbringer.

The kickstarter project’s main objective is to fund the creation and production of the new Traazorite faction models for use in the tabletop skirmish game, Freeblades. Since the release of the Freeblades rule book in 2012, 8 of the 17 factions that live in Faelon have been produced. Your backing will help DGS Games expand their very exciting product line, taking the Traazorite Crusaders from concept art, to masterful sculptures and then into production to be delivered to customers like you.

AND – There are great gifts for all contributors! Pledge just $6 and you’ll receive one of the new Traazorite miniatures. Pledge more and you can choose from several expanded gift options, such as Women of Faelon, a collection of 19 female fantasy miniatures.

Visit DGS Games kickstarter page to find out more about the figures being developed for the Traazorite faction, and please consider making a pledge. This is a great small business, and they deserve your support!

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