I’m So Excited!

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OMG – I can’t believe it! We’re just one week away from the release of the second edition of Eolyn on Kindle. I’ve been working so hard for so long toward this goal, it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening. Nerve-wracking, too.

Despite the excellent track record of this novel (strong editorial reviews, enthusiastic readers), I’m still anxious about how it will be received the second time around. What if new readers don’t appear? What if my current readers don’t like the changes I’ve made? What if there are a million typos that somehow got missed during editing, proof-reading, and spell-checking? What if? What if? What if…?

Goodness. The anxiety of an author is never-ending.

It’s moments like this that I go back to a piece of advice given to me by a woman shaman, years ago when I started my first baby steps down the long winding road of publication:

Trust in the fate of your story. 

On March 31st, Eolyn takes to the sea once more, after having been in harbor for several months. She’s had her hull repainted (thank you, Thomas Vandenberg!) and her interior redone; useless ballast thrown overboard and more modern equipment added. New sails hang from her shining masts. She’s swifter, sleeker, ready (I hope!) to challenge the storms ahead.

And she’s no longer alone. Two more ships that make up her small fleet will soon follow.

Eolyn‘s second debut will be celebrated with a book blast organized by Goddess Fish Tours. A full list of participating blogs is available on the Goddess Fish Tours web site. Visit any of these blogs on March 31st, and you can enter a giveaway for a $15 Amazon gift certificate! In addition, tour hosts can participate in a random giveaway of an additional $10 Amazon gift certificate. Interested in hosting? Great! There’s still time to sign up.

To all of you who have supported me in this journey: Thank you! I hope you will find it’s been worth the wait. Stay tuned over the next several weeks. We are in for some exciting times as we celebrate the second edition of Eolyn. There’ll be blog tours, giveaways, and more surprises along the way. Enjoy the magic!

Anxious to secure your own copy of Eolyn? You can pre-order today!

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  1. There are always typos you will miss, no matter how many times you go hunting for them. The evil typo gnomes put them there just before you go to press, while you’re sleeping. Wish you the best of luck with your Kindle version. I loved the first edition! As authors we always notice typos more than readers do. Because you write well, your readers are following the plot, not looking for mistakes. Remember this and you’ll feel better about the typos neither you nor the spell checker caught.

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