The Power of One Review

Last week, we launched the Kindle edition of EOLYN with a book blast organized by Goddess Fish Tours. I want to thank Goddess Fish for doing such a great job; Marianne and Judy are very well organized and really kept on top of the 30 sites that signed up to participate. I also very much enjoyed all the questions people asked; some good conversations happened on line between Thursday and Friday.

By far, the most popular comment during the book blast was, What a great cover! But we already knew that, didn’t we? Thomas Vandenberg really outdid himself. Again.

We are putting the final touches on the paperback edition, and everything is on course to get the print version of EOLYN on the market by Beltane (May 1st). Sometime this week, I should receive a preview of the print copy in the mail. Assuming everything looks okay, we’ll be good to go. Watch this site for the cover reveal of the paperback edition; that’ll be coming up in about a week.

So much for updates. On to today’s topic…

I received a very pleasant surprise on Thursday when a new 5-star review was posted for EOLYN. In the midst of the usual publishing concerns of increasing sales, expanding readership, etc., I was reminded of the fundamental reason any of us publish: to find that one reader who is really into the kind of story we write, and to make them happy.

Some writers take a lot of abuse to achieve that. In fact, publishing itself is a kind of abuse, simply because it involves so many time-consuming tasks that the average writer finds onerous and distasteful.But when the joy of our readers comes back to us, through reviews and other comments, it washes away all the muck of publishing and leaves us with a bright jewel right at our fingertips.

Here’s some of what my new and happy reader had to say about EOLYN:

This high fantasy takes the genre by storm….what the author did do absolutely brilliantly was to create a strong female character who was willing to fight for herself, and fight for love.

…The pace was brilliant, as was the use of magic. I found that we were constantly kept on our toes, wondering what would happen next…

Not to boast (even though, as my friend Terri-Lynne DeFino would say, modesty is for suckers), but the review goes on and on like that. She really liked the novel, and I am so very happy because of it. You can read the full review on Amazon or Goodreads.

In the  moment I read this, all the work I put into the second edition of EOLYN was made thoroughly worth it. In the coming months, I’ll continue to work hard on marketing, and all the tasks and goals that come with it. I’ll keep trying to sell my book and expand my readership. But the truth is, after that one review, everything from this moment forward feels like icing on the cake.

That is a really nice place to be within the first week of a new release.

Come back in just two days time, when I feature an awesome new title in fiction, FROM ASHES INTO LIGHT, including an interview with the author, Gudrun Mouw. 

5 thoughts on “The Power of One Review

  1. Yep, I agree 1,000% Karin, In the end, artist of all sorts: musicians, painters, writers, and others don’t do it for fame and fortune. You do it first for yourself to satisfy the need to express inspiration. But without an audience there is really no art. Someone has to appreciate what has been done. So, even if it’s only one person, if they really get it and express their appreciation publicly for all to see, it makes all the work worthwhile. Congrats on achieving that goal!

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  2. I love this SO MUCH! You’re 100% right–You’ve touched a soul! The rest is gravy. Sing it loud, sing it proud. We’ll howl together soon! (And drink sangria.)

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