Magickal Samhain Begins

If you're into witchy women and magical men, have I got the event for you! Hosted by Marsha A Moore and April Aasheim, A Magickal Samhain is an on-line celebration of bewitching journeys of imagination. Up to thirty authors will participate, sharing stories about witches, ghosts, shamans, psychics, demons, angels, and faeries! Prizes will be awarded... Continue Reading →

A Rose by Any Other Name

I had very exciting news late last week: there's a publisher interested in picking up my most recent manuscript, The Hunting Grounds. I couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity. But with all opportunities comes a choice, and I've been given a most unexpected choice. I've been submitting The Hunting Grounds as a paranormal romance/thriller, which it is. But... Continue Reading →

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