Spring Conferences

March for Our LivesAfter a year-long break from the con circuit, I’m dipping my feet back into the waters this spring.

April 20-22, I’m attending the Chanticleer Authors Conference in Bellingam, WA. This looks like a great cross-genre conference geared toward the craft and career of writing. Still, I wouldn’t have considered going if Daughter of Aithne hadn’t been short listed for Chanticleer’s 2017 OZMA Award for fantasy fiction. This may be my one chance at a moment of glory as part of my writers journey – I don’t want to miss the awards banquet on April 21!

Then, at the end of May, I’ll be attending WisCon in Madison. WisCon was recommended to me way back when in 2010 while on a road trip to Columbus, Ohio, for my first WorldCon, and I’ve had it on my list ever since. Unfortunately, WisCon conflicts with our own home-grown ConQuest here in Kansas City. But I’m in the mood to try something new this year, so instead of attending ConQuest, I’ll head northeast to check out what our neighbors are doing at WisCon. I’ll participate in some panels and also give a reading there; details will be posted in a few weeks.

Between those two events, I’m looking forward to a stay in Virginia Beach with my favorite writing companions, a group of incredible women who call themselves the Dollbabies.

Most exciting news this week: EOLYN, Book One of The Silver Web is now available in multiple Ebook formats, including Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords! If you’ve been waiting to start the adventure in a format other than Kindle, the opportunity has finally arrived! Book Two, Sword of Shadows will be released in multiple Ebook formats in late April, followed by Book Three, Daughter of Aithne, in May.

And – there’s still time to enter this month’s giveaway for a free Kindle copy of The Book of Dust by Phillip Pullman. Visit the giveaway page at Amazon for your chance to win.

That’s all the news about me.

Tomorrow, March 24, a nation of courageous young people will take to the streets to defend our right to a safer nation with less violence and more reasonable gun laws. I’ll be supporting them in the March for Our Lives. I hope you do, too.

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