April Giveaway: The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory


April’s giveaway features one of my all-time favorite authors.

This month’s ebook giveaway is a novel by one of my all-time favorite authors, Philippa Gregory.


One of the questions I’m most often asked, as an author, is why I write fantasy. The truth of the matter is I came to fantasy through the back door. Before I began working on Eolyn, I’d read very little sf/f beyond the blockbuster classics that broke the barriers of traditional fandom. Classics like Lord of the Rings and Dune had graced my nightstand and inspired my imagination, but beyond these big titles, I wasn’t particularly drawn to fantasy or science fiction as a genre. (At least, not in my reading – we’ll talk about film another day.)

What I couldn’t get enough of was historical fiction. I discovered the genre in high school and have been reading it ever since. My interest in historical fiction led naturally to an interest in history; the more I engaged with characters in novels, the more I wanted to know about the facts behind the fiction. I was particularly drawn to historical accounts of medieval and Renaissance women, fascinated by the many powerful female figures that ruled during a period that according to popular imagination, was supposed to belong exclusively to men. By the time I began writing The Silver Web trilogy, it was these stories drawn from real women in history that inspired the magical saga of Eolyn and her cohorts.

And so much of it began with stories like those told by Philippa Gregory. In The Last TudorGregory does what she’s always done best: revives the lost history of extraordinary women while underscoring the simple fact that bitter and violent struggles for power were never exclusive domain of men. I haven’t had the opportunity to read The Last Tudor yet, but I’ve never come across a Gregory novel I didn’t like, so I’m sure this one is great like all the others.

Entering the Amazon giveaway is easy – just visit the giveaway page and click the yellow button. No purchase is necessary. The winner will be chosen on May 1. Good luck, and happy reading!

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