EOLYN is on Sale

If you haven’t discovered the magic yet, now’s your chance. EOLYN, Book One of the award-winning Silver Web trilogy, is available in all ebook formats for just $2.99 – that’s 25% off the regular list price. The sale will last through the end of the week. You can download a copy in your preferred format at the following links:

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Eolyn cover flat2 reduced 1 22 16Last daughter of the magas and sole heiress to their forbidden craft, Eolyn struggles to restore women’s magic against forces of betrayal, persecution, and war. Book One of the critically acclaimed Silver Web Trilogy will thrill you with dark, lyrical imagery, timeless love, and heart-wrenching loss. Read more…

“Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes, with a romantic thread.” – Publishers Weekly

A “dreamlike, fairy-tale ambiance…immersive political machinations and grand-scale battles.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Headstrong, hopeful, and fiercely loyal to her roots, Eolyn is a character you can’t help but stand behind.” –Apex Reviews

“Magnificently written.” –Kindle Book Review

Available in Ebook and Paperback

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