Cover Reveal: Daughter of Aithne

Cover by I'm very excited today to share the new cover for the third book of the Silver Web Trilogy: DAUGHTER OF AITHNE, winner of the OZMA Award for fantasy fiction from Chanticleer International Book Awards. It's a coincidence, but an appropriate one, that this cover reveal comes on September 21, the UN International... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

Aaaand here she is (drumroll please): The thrilling new cover for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book 2 of The Silver Web. This design ties in with the cover for EOLYN, revealed last week. Also from, this cover again features the Silver Web, a magical medallion that weaves the fates of the characters into a single... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: EOLYN (Book 1 of The Silver Web)

Today's the day! I'm very excited to launch the new covers for the Silver Web Trilogy, beginning with Book 1: EOLYN. The trilogy's new look was designed by Autumn M. Birt at Each cover will feature the Silver Web, an amulet made of spider silk that carries magical powers in Eolyn’s world. Next week,... Continue Reading →

Query Letters: The Basics

A query letter should: Place your work within the market,Provide a brief, compelling description of the manuscript, andShare relevant information about you as an author. Each of these essential functions corresponds to one paragraph. All three paragraphs are assembled to craft the full letter. Taken together, the entire letter should fit on a standard letter... Continue Reading →

To Query or Not to Query

I had an interesting exchange with author Sierra Godfrey (@sierragodfrey on Instagram) that got me thinking about the whole question of querying. Sierra posted a great "pep talk post" encouraging authors to get their work into the querying cue. I, too, am an advocate for querying, though I understand why many authors are reluctant to... Continue Reading →

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