Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

10858456_10204538789861735_4113431568904521826_nI’m settling in for a very nice holiday. The whole family is in town for Christmas, and that of course makes these days extra special.

Fans and followers of Eolyn know how very important Winter Solstice is for the mages and magas of Moisehen. One of my favorite chapters in the first novel covers the events of Winter Solstice at Mage Corey’s estate in East Selen. Corey’s carnival-like celebration is a new and daunting experience for Eolyn, who until that time has known Winter Solstice only as a quiet vigil of shared stories and spiced wine, enjoyed with her beloved tutor Ghemena.

In Eolyn’s world, Winter Solstice can be observed as an intimate family event or as a great festival, but however practitioners choose to celebrate, it is always a time of deep magic. Magas and mages weave their spells together through song, dance, and sometimes more intimate rites, in order to bring the sun back from the Underworld and maintain the balance of the nature.

Balance is the ultimate goal of Eolyn’s journey, and it has proven a difficult goal indeed. Eolyn has survived two novels worth of war, oppression, and conflict. The third novel, now in progress, brings us to the final game, with the highest stakes and the greatest losses as Eolyn and her cohorts struggle to overcome history and attain a lasting peace for the Kingdom of Moisehen.

It’s funny how the prayers of the real world often flow into the worlds of our imagination. In this holiday season, I find myself wishing Eolyn and all her people peace, just I pray for peace in ours.

Of course, one might argue that as an author, I have much more control over whether this dream is realized for the Kingdom of Moisehen than any of us do over the fate of peace on Earth. Yet through the trials and epiphanies of this past year, I have reaffirmed my belief that all of us contribute to the peace (or conflict) of our times in small but significant ways.

So here is my prayer for you, and also for myself: that each of our paths to peace will be revealed in the coming year, and that we will find the courage to walk the paths that are given to us.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and most of all, peace for you and all those you love.

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  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino Avatar
    Terri-Lynne DeFino

    Brightest blessings to you and yours, my dear. So much love, peace, and courage, too!

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    1. Thank you, Terri! I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family. **SPARKLES**


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