Not One More

March for Our LivesI’ve been inspired these past days by the eloquence and leadership of the survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida – and saddened to the depths of my spirit by the horror they were forced to confront.

So much innocent blood has been shed over so many years. With each new mass shooting, I’ve wondered whether this would be the one that would wake up the American public and most of all, break the cold cynicism of our elected officials.

I don’t know if Parkland will be our long-awaited turning point, but whether this is the final straw or just one more step in a long, arduous journey, we have to keep working toward a solution to gun violence. We have to put an end to this madness before it puts an end to us.

I’ll be marching for our children’s lives on March 24. I hope you’ll be marching with us.

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