Season of Thanksgiving

Cuba was one extraordinary destination in an all-around extraordinary year.

Well, when I said I was going to check out for a while, I meant it! Last time I posted, the trees Kansas City were just beginning to turn. Now, the holidays are upon us!

It’s been an extraordinary year, on all levels. I feel at once emptied out and renewed – as if the landscape of my heart has been cleared, the earth turned over and everything drenched with rain. Somewhere along the way, seeds were planted, but what they will yield – if they will yield anything – remains a mystery.  

I’ve battled some terrible demons in 2017, and been visited by some true angels. Reflection has been an enduring theme, along with family, friendship, and travel. The road has not been easy, but I think I’ve come away a better person because of it. More confident in my instincts, less inclined to call certain turning points “mistakes.”

Just over a month ago, around the time I checked out of my on-line journal, I began putting thought into how to finish 2017. I want to let go of the old year and bring in the new with a sense of companionship, gratitude, and celebration.

Now, with December just around the corner, I can say I have a plan. My plan spans a few weeks across Christmas and New Years, and – as befits 2017 – involves family, friends, and a little bit of travel. I’m very excited about this holiday season. Much like 2017 as a whole, I anticipate the next few weeks will be a time of reflection, joy, some pain, and much healing.

I hope this holiday season will bring you what you most need. If you’re worried it won’t, take a few moments in the next couple of days to imagine things differently. Then, once you’ve decided what you really want, dare to create the holiday season that would be best for you.

Just remember – what you think might be best for you isn’t necessarily so. But that’s okay. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after all these years, it’s this: when you reach for what you want, you almost always find what you need.

Peace and joy in this holiday season, to you and all your loved ones.


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