Eolyn: Legends and Lore (Episode 2)

Hidden Heritage In my previous installment of Eolyn: Legends and Lore, I wrote about the origin of the Silver Web, including insights into Akmael's parentage. The history of Eolyn's parents, Kaie and Eoghan, is more obscure. In the series, we don't learn much about Kaie or Eoghan because most of the people who knew them... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Magical Fantasy for the Holidays

I'm participating in a number of writer challenges on Instagram. One recent challenge asked: Why is my story important? To answer this question, I focused on EOLYN, Book One of the Silver Web Trilogy. What drew me into Eolyn’s story was the immense courage and strength she demonstrates when confronting a brutal system intent on... Continue Reading →

Query Letters: Placing your work in the market

A few weeks ago, I promised more posts on the topic of the query letter. Previously, I discussed why an author should query and went over the basic 3-paragraph structure of the query letter. One paragraph of the query letter is typically devoted to placing the manuscript in the market. Let's dig into that today.... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Daughter of Aithne

Cover by ARavenDesign.com I'm very excited today to share the new cover for the third book of the Silver Web Trilogy: DAUGHTER OF AITHNE, winner of the OZMA Award for fantasy fiction from Chanticleer International Book Awards. It's a coincidence, but an appropriate one, that this cover reveal comes on September 21, the UN International... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

Aaaand here she is (drumroll please): The thrilling new cover for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book 2 of The Silver Web. This design ties in with the cover for EOLYN, revealed last week. Also from ARavenDesigns.com, this cover again features the Silver Web, a magical medallion that weaves the fates of the characters into a single... Continue Reading →

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