The Perfect Magical Fantasy for the Holidays

I'm participating in a number of writer challenges on Instagram. One recent challenge asked: Why is my story important? To answer this question, I focused on EOLYN, Book One of the Silver Web Trilogy. What drew me into Eolyn’s story was the immense courage and strength she demonstrates when confronting a brutal system intent on … Continue reading The Perfect Magical Fantasy for the Holidays

The Witch

"She cannot be a witch, he tells himself. Witches do not study philosophy; witches do not practice scientia nova. She belongs to a new age, a future he longs to be a part of." - The Witch of Cologne, Tobsha Learner This week's post has a double purpose. It's a continuation of my Halloween reflections inspired by Tobsha Learner's … Continue reading The Witch

The Inquisitor

For a second, Carlos wonders what this man would look like under torture, whether his face would retain the same luminous quality. The thought excites him - the execution of power always does - and his sense of inferiority fades.  - Tobsha Learner, The Witch of Cologne For a while now, I've been promising a series of … Continue reading The Inquisitor