Farewell, 2020

Our classic interdisciplinary course Ecology Through the Writers Lens ran under a different format this year, with local day trips instead of week-long overnight visit to the Flint Hills. Of course, everyone masked up. Photo by Amy Milakovic. As this extraordinary year winds down, I find myself reflecting not so much on what 2020 took... Continue Reading →

First Goals and Aspirations for 2020

Avila University started its regular spring semester about two weeks ago. Seems I've hardly drawn a breath, and the month has already slipped by! After some worry that I might be teaching an overload again this spring, I managed to negotiate with the powers that be so that my teaching obligations remain within contract. This... Continue Reading →

glimmers of hope

Week Two Query Totals (Agents Only, Cumulative Tally): Submitted: 22 Rejections: 3 Requests for Partial/Full: 0 I promise I won't be posting these numbers every week, in part because it's going to get depressing pretty quickly. For the moment, I'm only counting rejection letters, but many agents reject by simply not responding. As those response... Continue Reading →

the virtues of querying

Week One Cumulative Tally (agents only): 10 submissions 1 rejection 0 partial requests 0 full requests Yes, it's true: I have, once again, embarked on the ego-debilitating task of querying. There are few activities more onerous for a writer than querying. What better reward for the hard labor of finishing a novel than to spend... Continue Reading →

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