2022: Already a work in progress

EOLYN and her companion novels had a makeover in 2021. Cover design by A Raven Designs Anyone else feel like there wasn't much of a holiday season this year? Everything blasted by so quickly. That's not to say I didn't have a nice holiday. Thanks to vaccines and loosened travel restrictions, I was able to … Continue reading 2022: Already a work in progress

It’s Okay to Pull Back (Or, Confessions of a Would-Be Entomologist)

Cup traps proved very effect for sampling early spring native bees. Friday, I met my student, Gabrielle, on a frosty spring morning to set up traps for her capstone project. Gabrielle is following up on work begun last year assessing the impact of stem nester refugia on native bee communities in prairie remnants at Jerry … Continue reading It’s Okay to Pull Back (Or, Confessions of a Would-Be Entomologist)

(Re)Connecting Wild

The woodland sunflower in full bloom. Look closely and you'll see a native bee (family Halictidae). I promised I'd share some inspiring stories from NACCB2020, so this week I'm embedding the short film (Re)Connecting Wild from NineCaribou Productions. (Re)Connecting Wild documents the efforts of the Nevada Department of Transportation and partners to re-connect an historic … Continue reading (Re)Connecting Wild

Virtual Inspiration

Filmmaker Jake Willers talks about the making of (Re)Connecting Wild at the 2020 North American Conference for Conservation Biology By February of this year, when Covid-19 was just making its presence known in the U.S., my summer calendar was booked. Early June, I planned to attend the Society for Ecological Restoration's (SER) global conference in … Continue reading Virtual Inspiration

Words of Courage, Comfort, and Contemplation

Prairie wildflowers brighten the summer months at Jerry Smith Park, Kansas City, MO There are small things I can point to as bright spots inside the pandemic. Among these, I've discovered the pleasure of podcasts. I know: I'm years behind on this one. I'd never listened to podcasts before March 2020, but being away from … Continue reading Words of Courage, Comfort, and Contemplation


Normally this time of year I would be at my annual Women's Writing Retreat, more affectionately known as Dollbabies Week. Like so many other spring activities and conferences, that plan was washed away by the tide of Covid-19. My literary colleagues and I have organized a remote edition instead. It won't be the same, but … Continue reading Reconnecting

Bees in the Time of Covid-19

Life has been transformed in the past couple weeks for pretty much everyone in the United States, and around the world. At Avila University, faculty, staff and students have undertaken a monumental effort to move our entire spring curriculum online. Virtual classes started yesterday, almost all of us wading into unknown territory. On the bright … Continue reading Bees in the Time of Covid-19

Urban Habitats for Native Bees

I'm happy to report that my article on native bees in urban habitats is now available in this month's issue of Ecological Restoration. Based on work completed with my Honors Biology student Laura Presler for her capstone project at Avila University, the paper provides evidence for the important role of small remnant habitats in conserving native … Continue reading Urban Habitats for Native Bees

Dia de la Amistad

My bee page is now updated - check it out for details about our 2020 field season. I'm excited about my projects, coordinated as always with KC Wildlands, KC Parks, and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). We're going to conduct a standardized survey of a unique habitat in the Kansas City area, the rocky … Continue reading Dia de la Amistad

Autumn Line Up

We are a quarter of the way through the semester already, and I haven't given you the scoop yet on the awesome courses I'm teaching at Avila. Here they are: BI 112 Introductory Biology: Ecology and Evolution. Some professors shy away from newbie courses, but at Avila we say, "Bring 'em on!" More so with BI … Continue reading Autumn Line Up