SWORD OF SHADOWS Kindle Countdown

https://videopress.com/v/62bufi58?preloadContent=metadata Dive into the darkest moments of Eolyn's magical journey in Sword of Shadows. The Kindle edition is on sale through the end of next week. Sword of Shadows can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel or as Book 2 of The Silver Web Trilogy.

First Goals and Aspirations for 2020

Avila University started its regular spring semester about two weeks ago. Seems I've hardly drawn a breath, and the month has already slipped by! After some worry that I might be teaching an overload again this spring, I managed to negotiate with the powers that be so that my teaching obligations remain within contract. This … Continue reading First Goals and Aspirations for 2020

Swords and Shadows

I want to express my deepest thanks for everyone's support during last week's post. I'm always shy to share personal matters on my blog, but your responses moved me deeply and were a great help in getting me through the week. I'm back home now, moving forward with new projects and old ambitions. And...we are … Continue reading Swords and Shadows

Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

Happy Summer Solstice! I'm celebrating today with the cover reveal for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book Two of THE SILVER WEB. As part of the cover reveal event, today and tomorrow only, the Kindle edition of the first book in the series, EOLYN, is FREE! Download your copy and discover the power of the magas today. About Sword … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows