A New Look for EOLYN

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've commissioned new cover designs for The Silver Web Trilogy. Autumn M. Birt, ecologist, author, AND artist, is hard at work on the project now. I'm so excited about what she's put together! I can't help but give you a little hint of the new look - with … Continue reading A New Look for EOLYN

SWORD OF SHADOWS Kindle Countdown

https://videopress.com/v/62bufi58?preloadContent=metadata Dive into the darkest moments of Eolyn's magical journey in Sword of Shadows. The Kindle edition is on sale through the end of next week. Sword of Shadows can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel or as Book 2 of The Silver Web Trilogy.

First Goals and Aspirations for 2020

Avila University started its regular spring semester about two weeks ago. Seems I've hardly drawn a breath, and the month has already slipped by! After some worry that I might be teaching an overload again this spring, I managed to negotiate with the powers that be so that my teaching obligations remain within contract. This … Continue reading First Goals and Aspirations for 2020

DAUGHTER OF AITHNE makes the cut!

I'm thrilled to announce Daughter of Aithne has made the short list for Chanticleer's 2017 OZMA Awards! A division of the Chanticleer Reviews International Book Awards, the OZMA Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works of Fantasy, the Supernatural, Fantastical/ Legendary/Mythical Beings, Magical Systems, Steampunk, or other inventions of fiction. Judges are now in … Continue reading DAUGHTER OF AITHNE makes the cut!

Cover Reveal: Daughter of Aithne

I'm delighted to announce that Daughter of Aithne will be released this spring in Kindle and print editions! Cover art and design for this third and final installment of The Silver Web is by Thomas Vandenberg, who also did the covers for the first two books in the series, Eolyn and Sword of Shadows.  The image shows Princess Briana's first encounter with … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Daughter of Aithne

Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

Happy Summer Solstice! I'm celebrating today with the cover reveal for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book Two of THE SILVER WEB. As part of the cover reveal event, today and tomorrow only, the Kindle edition of the first book in the series, EOLYN, is FREE! Download your copy and discover the power of the magas today. About Sword … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

‘Tis the Season

Unbelievable. Fall semester has once again slipped through my fingers without as much as a by-your-leave. This will be my last post for 2015. I'm taking a much needed vacation that will involve lots of quality time with my wonderful nieces, both of them young magas in the making. Big projects are in store for … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season