A New Look for EOLYN

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve commissioned new cover designs for The Silver Web Trilogy.

Autumn M. Birt, ecologist, author, AND artist, is hard at work on the project now. I’m so excited about what she’s put together! I can’t help but give you a little hint of the new look – with the disclaimer that there may yet be tweaks and changes before we finish. If everything continues as scheduled, I hope to begin formal cover reveals by end August or early September. Please stay tuned because it’s going to be a lot of fun!

For this new set of covers, Autumn and I have decided to emphasize the Silver Web, a magical amulet that appears in Book 1 and remains with the characters through the third volume of the trilogy.

Past covers, designed first by Jesse Smolover (Eolyn, 2011 from Hadley Rille Books) and then by Thomas Vandenberg, focused on the forest witch Eolyn. Thomas designed the cover for the second book in the trilogy, released by Hadley Rille Books under the title High Maga in 2014. The second book was then re-released in another edition under the title Sword of Shadows (2016) as part of The Silver Web Trilogy (2016-2017).

I’ve loved all of these covers, but fashion changes quickly in cover design. The look of a book must keep up with the trends. This is in part because each generation of readers responds to different visual cues in terms of understanding the mood and content of the novel they are about to read.

The Silver Web is described in the first book, Eolyn, as finely woven medallion “made of tiny quartz crystals woven into the silk of a Dark Moon Orb Weaver.” An orb weaver is a kind of spider that makes the classic spider web. In Eolyn’s world, spider silks are used for a variety of magical purposes. The Dark Moon Orb Weaver has silver silk, especially valued by mages and witches. Autumn has captured the medallion in her work, and though you won’t be able to tell in the image provided here, the threads are textured to look like spider silk.

The Silver Web was crafted by the Witch Queen Briana, who gave it to her son, Akmael, shortly before she was killed by an assassin. The Silver Web contains a couple of powerful spells. First, it connects Akmael to Eolyn. Using the Silver Web, Akmael finds and befriends Eolyn early in Book 1. As the series continues, the Silver Web becomes a symbol and an instrument of their bond.

At a deeper, more subtle level, the Silver Web contains Briana’s spell for vengeance on the House of Vortingen, the line of royal kings she was forced to marry into – and the same that destroyed her family and clan. The Silver Web is a symbol for the intertwined fates of all the characters in the book, each one of them marked to play a role in manifesting Briana’s spell. Though Akmael is Briana’s son, he is also son and heir to the line of Vortingen. So it is a tragic irony of Briana’s spell that IF it comes to fruition, her son’s house will fall, bringing an end to their rule over the kingdom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small preview of the new covers. I look forward to sharing more with you in August!

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