‘Tis the Season

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Detail from the cover-in-progress for the second edition of Eolyn. Artwork by Thomas Vandenberg (copyright 2015).

Unbelievable. Fall semester has once again slipped through my fingers without as much as a by-your-leave.

This will be my last post for 2015. I’m taking a much needed vacation that will involve lots of quality time with my wonderful nieces, both of them young magas in the making.

Big projects are in store for 2016; another reason why I need my rest.

The Hadley Rille imprints of Eolyn and High Maga are being taken off market at the end of this month, in preparation for the release of the second editions, as books 1 and 2 of The Silver Web trilogy.  (Yes, this means that if you want copies of the original versions, you must purchase them now We’ve got about 2 weeks at this point before they’re taken out of print.)

The second edition of Eolyn features tighter prose, consolidated chapters, and even some new scenes. All this and more in fewer pages. There’s even a development I did not anticipate when I began the revision: Someone is going to die. That’s right; a character who survived the first edition of Eolyn will now meet their doom before the final chapter of the second edition.  (And yes, I gave an evil laugh when I realized I could get away with this!)

All the best moments that friends and fans of Eolyn have come to love will remain untouched, such as the house of sweet bread, the boy by the river, and of course, the Battle of Aerunden. And every spell-binding exchange between Eolyn and her true love/arch-nemesis Akmael has been conserved.

Depending on how things go with the reboot of Eolyn, I hope to have the second edition of High Maga out before the end of the year. Book 2 will be marketed under a new title, The Sword of Shadows, which I think reflects the mood and scope of the story much better.

The Sword of Shadows will also undergo edits before its re-release, though I don’t anticipate they will be as extensive as what I’ve done for Eolyn. I could be wrong about that, though. Wouldn’t be the first time!

Once we have the first two volumes of The Silver Web in place, the stage will be set for the release of Daughter of Aithne. I am anxious to share this book with the world, as it brings Eolyn’s struggle full circle and gives meaning to everything that happened before.

yule witch by EcoWitchI wish I could say more, but that would mean spoilers. So all I can ask is that you join me on this new adventure in 2016 as we rediscover, and at last complete, Eolyn’s journey in magic.

I’ll be celebrating the new beginning with a makeover of the web site during the month of January. So, don’t be surprised if you encounter a different look when you return next year.

That’s the news for now. Thank you for your companionship during 2015. I wish you and all your loved ones many blessings this holiday season, and a prosperous and peaceful New Year.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. I cannot wait to see the new cover…and who dies! Eeep! Love and luck to you this holiday season, and in the coming year. Happy travels! And safe journey. XX

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  2. By the way, renaming this series, “The Silver Web” Series and giving “High Maga” the new name, “The Sword of Shadows,” is a great move. These names will appeal to a much larger audience and I like that idea. I really do.

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