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Week Two Query Totals (Agents Only, Cumulative Tally): Submitted: 22 Rejections: 3 Requests for Partial/Full: 0 I promise I won't be posting these numbers every week, in part because it's going to get depressing pretty quickly. For the moment, I'm only counting rejection letters, but many agents reject by simply not responding. As those response... Continue Reading →

Every Writer’s Nightmare (or, How to Write a Synopsis)

Few things make a writer groan more than the word synopsis.  I still remember my first encounter with the s-word, back when I finished my novel Eolyn and started the long arduous task of submissions. It seemed an insult, somehow, that anyone should demand I write a less-than-3000-word version of a story that clearly took 120,000 words... Continue Reading →

The Hard Copy Edit (and other writerly tricks)

A couple years back, when we were heading into the final stages of publication for High Maga, I took a picture of the printed proof and posted it on Facebook. This elicited lots excitement about the coming release, and one curious comment: "A paper copy!" one of my friends wrote. "I didn't know those existed any more."... Continue Reading →

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