Query Letters: The Author Bio

This marks the fifth installment of an ongoing series on query letters. So far, we've covered: Why query?What goes into a query letter?How do I place my book in the market?How do I pitch my book? Today we will talk about the Author Bio. Most query letters finish with a single, short paragraph outlining the … Continue reading Query Letters: The Author Bio

Query Letters: Placing your work in the market

A few weeks ago, I promised more posts on the topic of the query letter. Previously, I discussed why an author should query and went over the basic 3-paragraph structure of the query letter. One paragraph of the query letter is typically devoted to placing the manuscript in the market. Let's dig into that today. … Continue reading Query Letters: Placing your work in the market

Query Letters: The Basics

A query letter should: Place your work within the market,Provide a brief, compelling description of the manuscript, andShare relevant information about you as an author. Each of these essential functions corresponds to one paragraph. All three paragraphs are assembled to craft the full letter. Taken together, the entire letter should fit on a standard letter … Continue reading Query Letters: The Basics