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I’m very excited today to share the new cover for the third book of the Silver Web Trilogy: DAUGHTER OF AITHNE, winner of the OZMA Award for fantasy fiction from Chanticleer International Book Awards.

It’s a coincidence, but an appropriate one, that this cover reveal comes on September 21, the UN International Day of Peace. In this final installment of Eolyn’s epic journey, war erupts between witches and queens. However, the deeper story revolves around how Eolyn and her antagonist, Taesara, each seek in their own way to envision a world of peace. They hold the power to put an end to the conflict engulfing their kingdoms – whether they choose that path depends on each woman’s ability to overcome her own fears and prejudice.

DAUGHTER OF AITHNE can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, but is best savored in sequence with the first two books of the trilogy, EOLYN and SWORD OF SHADOWS. Available in paperback and on Kindle, including Kindle Unlimited.


After a decade of peace, crisis engulfs the kingdom. Eolyn’s students in magic rebel against the Mage King Akmael. Accused of treason, the forest witch Eolyn is imprisoned along with her children. Distraught for the fate of her son and daughter, Eolyn begins a desperate search for new allies. If she fails, the King’s enemies will kill them all.

Years ago, Akmael’s former queen, Taesara, was spurned for the forest witch Eolyn. Now Taesara’s daughter by Akmael has escaped his court to join her mother in exile. Taesara launches a brutal war against the Mage King. If she fails to claim the throne for her daughter, both will perish under the King’s wrath.

In the gripping finale to The Silver Web Trilogy, threads of love, honor, betrayal, and vengeance culminate in a war that engulfs four kingdoms. The victorious woman will claim the crown; the defeated will face her executioner.

“Fans of the trilogy won’t want to miss this hard-hitting finish.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“An enticing and elegant series finale filled with magic and turmoil.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS

Winner of the OZMA AWARD for Fantasy Fiction from CHANTICLEER REVIEWS

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