Cover Reveal: Sword of Shadows

Aaaand here she is (drumroll please): The thrilling new cover for SWORD OF SHADOWS, Book 2 of The Silver Web.

This design ties in with the cover for EOLYN, revealed last week. Also from, this cover again features the Silver Web, a magical medallion that weaves the fates of the characters into a single intention. Smoky claws of Naether Demons grip the Silver Web’s rim; the enchanted sword Kel’Barú – Eolyn’s only defense against the Naether Demons – strikes through its center.

I’d like to provide some trivia on Kel’Barú, backstory that is never fully discussed in the novels. Kel’Barú belonged to Eolyn’s father, who journeyed to Eolyn’s homeland from the southern Kingdom of Galia. He was one of many Galian warriors who assisted in the war against the Mage King Kedehen. That’s how he met Eolyn’s mother, a warrior and a witch. Only Eolyn can wield the sword because as one of its enchantments, it is family-bound. Kel’Barú responds not only to Eolyn, but to the spirit of her father, which runs through her veins.

More fun trivia: I named Kel’Barú after Barú Volcano, which occupies the Talamanca Mountain Range of Central America, near the border between Panama and Costa Rica.

You can read more about SWORD OF SHADOWS below. Third and final cover reveal for the trilogy is coming soon!


The forest witch Eolyn returns home after a bitter war. There, she begins the hard work of restoring women’s magic. Bound by love for each other and the craft, Eolyn’s small coven starts a fragile path to new power. Their harmony is short-lived.

From the far side of the Paramen Mountains, a malevolent empire unleashes the Naether Demons, ancient creatures driven by insatiable thirst for magic. When Naether Demons rage through Eolyn’s homeland, her coven is attacked. Only a handful of sisters in magic escape.

They cling to one hope: the magical sword, Kel’Barú. If Eolyn can deliver this weapon to the Mage King, they might have a chance against the Naether Demons. But Eolyn once spurned the Mage King’s love, and the path to his court is fraught with peril.

Undertaking a dangerous journey through occupied territory, Eolyn races against the enemy to find the Mage King – and conquer the demons of her own heart. If she fails, her people and all their magic will be lost.

“Lush, evocative descriptions carry readers through an unforgettable journey.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS

“War propels the story forward, and the characters are at their best when circumstances are at their worst.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Available in paperback and on Kindle. Start reading today!

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