Cover Reveal: EOLYN (Book 1 of The Silver Web)

Today’s the day! I’m very excited to launch the new covers for the Silver Web Trilogy, beginning with Book 1: EOLYN.

The trilogy’s new look was designed by Autumn M. Birt at Each cover will feature the Silver Web, an amulet made of spider silk that carries magical powers in Eolyn’s world. Next week, I will release the cover of the second book in the series, SWORD OF SHADOWS. The cover for the third and final book, DAUGHTER OF AITHNE, will appear shortly after that. All three books are available in paperback and on Kindle; Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read for free.


In a land ravaged by civil war, the Mage King Kedehen initiates a ruthless purge of women practitioners of magic. Eolyn, sole heiress to a forbidden craft, escapes by fleeing to the South Woods. When the mysterious Akmael appears in her forest refuge, Eolyn finds hope in the young man’s friendship. But Akmael has a secret: He is the Mage Prince, son and heir to the man who slaughtered Eolyn’s family.

As their paths separate and intertwine again, Eolyn and Akmael emerge as leaders on opposite sides of a violent conflict, one that will determine the fate of a millennial tradition of magic. When the final battle approaches, Eolyn must decide whether to take up arms against the most powerful mage in the kingdom – who is also the man closest to her heart.

In Book One of this award-winning trilogy, survivors of the Great Purge become entangled in a web of desire, vengeance, and renewal. At the center, Eolyn, last daughter of an ancient sisterhood, rises up against a realm of brutal wizards, challenging their authority in a desperate bid to restore women’s magic.

“Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes, with a romantic thread.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Headstrong, hopeful, and fiercely loyal to her roots, Eolyn is a character you can’t help but stand behind.” –APEX REVIEWS

A “dreamlike, fairy-tale ambiance…immersive political machinations and grand-scale battles.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS

Download your copy today!

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