Daughter of Aithne wins the OZMA Award

Daughter of Aithne OZMA
My award-winning book on display at CAC 2018. The cover art, by Thomas Vandenberg, received many complements.

I’m very excited to report that Daughter of Aithne, Book Three of The Silver Web, has received the 2017 OZMA Award for fantasy fiction!

A division of Chanticleer’s International Book Awards, the OZMA Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works of fantasy. Winners were announced last weekend at Chanticleer’s annual authors conference in Bellingham, Washington. It was a wonderful finish to a long creative journey, and fitting, I think, that Daughter of Aithne received this honor on April 21, the eve of Earth Day. Eolyn would have been pleased.

As the saying goes, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. As much as I’d like to bask in my current glory, I feel compelled to move forward. Eolyn’s journey of discovery is still in the future for so many readers, and yet for me, it has somehow shifted to my past. This project, which commanded my creative life for so many years, has reached its moment of closure. Eolyn’s world may call me back someday, but for now I must set it aside and turn to other callings.


Karin at CAC
Me, just before I became an award-winning author.

This is all part of the same reboot I talked about last week, and over the coming months, you’ll see the shift in my life reflected on this web site. Not just in what I talk about through my blog, but in the platform itself.When I established this site several years ago, it’s primary purpose was to market Eolyn and The Silver Web. I will continue to do that, but I also want to open up a broader world to my visitors. This includes sharing more of my life as a scientist and biologist, as well as the new creative projects that are taking root in my heart.


There’s a mantra in the blogosphere that you should never depart from the primary theme of your blog; that such careless wandering is far too confusing for our readers. But I have faith in my readers. I know they are smart and daring and always open to exploring a larger universe.

So what do you say, readers? Are you ready for this journal to stretch beyond fantasy, romance, and a smattering of life wisdom? Shall we spice it up with a little biology and natural history as well? I hope the answer is yes, because that’s my plan!

To accommodate changing themes, you’re going to see changing formats. Please don’t be alarmed the day you stop by and discover a new color scheme or altered images or an updated menu. No matter what the cosmetics, it’ll still the same old me. Rebooted, of course: As an award-winning author, dedicated ecologist, and life-long wanderer of worlds.

Don’t go away – the adventure has only just begun.

Karin at Konza 2016
This is the other thing I do. I know you’ve heard about it before, but get ready to hear more – and to see my web site restructured to accommodate a broader journey. Photo by Amy Milakovic

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