A place where race doesn’t matter

In the summer of 2014, I co-coordinated the Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience (NAPIRE) Program. Funded by NSF and the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, NAPIRE was designed to encouraging undergraduate Native American and Pacific Islander students to pursue careers in science. The program brought together undergraduate students from Tribal Nations and... Continue Reading →

On Connections and Castanets

There are several aspects of flamenco that have bedeviled me since I first started studying the dance form a few years back. One of these is contratiempos. The other is the use of the castanets. Last week, I had the opportunity to tackle both in an intensive workshop with the Escuela de Flamenco Paulina Peralta in Costa Rica. Contratiempos is... Continue Reading →

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I've had to hit the ground running after an amazing and intense summer with the Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience (NAPIRE) Program in Costa Rica.With classes starting on Wednesday at Avila, I am working hard to organize syllabi and lectures.  I have one brand new course plus two courses with new edition textbooks.... Continue Reading →

The Bridges We Build

La Selva, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa RicaNotebook:Today we sawPeccaries        Bullet antsIguanas            Stingless beesMotmots           Poison dart frogsHowler monkeysStrangler figsCycads and palmsPipers and MelastomesThe Kapok (also called Ceiba) tree with its pale towering trunkInch wormsMillipedes Crazy fruitsRoots that smell like pepperLeaves that climb treesCement paths over nascent swampsFish the... Continue Reading →

Plans and Projects

Some exciting news that extends beyond our HIGH MAGA countdown. As some of you may know, our interdisciplinary studies course, Ecology through the Writer's Lens, did not make enrollment this spring. I suspect the competition was a little two stiff (we had three other equally fantastic travel courses offered at our tiny university) and the price a... Continue Reading →

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